Auto Reconditioning VS Auto Detailing

Auto Reconditioning vs Auto Detailing? 

Auto detailing is the complete cleaning and preservation of a vehicle. However, auto reconditioning takes that concept further. The definition of Auto Reconditioning is to repair, restore and renew your vehicle back to pre-accident condition.

In many cases, automotive reconditioning is done on-site at your home or office, rather than in the high-cost environment of a body shop.

Reconditioning brings the vehicle back to life.

Dents, dings, bumpers, wheels, and "fender bender" repairs are all independent services that can be handled quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively without you being away from your vehicle or your business. 

Auto reconditioning not only means fixing cosmetic problems for your vehicle but also can offer services that help prevent future damage. Examples of these services might be clear bra protection that helps keep scratches, chips and other debris from damaging your automobile's paint.  

Auto reconditioning for resale

Separate yourself from the masses. When it comes to the resale of a used vehicle, auto reconditioning separates the players from big bosses. Most automobile dealerships that take vehicles on trade ensure that pre-owned trade-in vehicles are inspected thoroughly for mechanical and aesthetic problems before potential customers have an opportunity to see them. Reconditioning an automobile will help you stay ahead of the game and retain some value. 

Today, now, more than ever, clean reconditioned vehicles and boats are selling at premiums. The average price of a new car now sits at over $40,000 - a price not reasonably entertained by much of society, so reconditioning is more popular now than ever.

This is why so many used car managers are hiring auto reconditioning companies  to perform various reconditioning services, such as headlight restoration, plastic trim restoration, cigarette burn hole repair, rock paint chip repair, vinyl and leather repair, carpet dying and odor removal services. 

Auto reconditioning. Color Glo International.

Recondition for Resale

Collectors and enthusiasts pay top dollar for reconditioned vehicle's.

Consumers are displaying a preference for pre-owned vehicles. They also are keeping their new cars longer. wrote an article in 2020 "Why Americans are keeping their cars longer than ever", which indicates that by the year 2023 the average age of cars being owned on the road will be over 13 years. Savvy auto traders know that auto reconditioning services will help increase trade-in and resale value for formerly owned vehicles. 

Here's a list of some of the top new cars owners keep for 10 years.

Is reconditioning for you?

Yes. Here's a simple rule: Every used car and boat on the road or water is a potential candidate for reconditioning. In days past, the general attitude was that reconditioning was for vintage vehicles. With the continued increase in the average price of new automobiles and watercraft and the increased length of time that owners keep their vehicles longer - reconditioning your car or boat will only aid in your ability to either sell or keep your babies longer.

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