15 Auto Hacks you do not want to miss!

15 Automotive Hacks you do not want to Miss


Plunge It

Dents are inevitable and fixing them at an auto body repair shop can end up being pretty pricey. What’s more is that most dent cases are not self-inflicted; they can happen for a number of reasons, from another car bumping you to another driver opening a car door too hard. 

Try grabbing a plunger to remove all of those normal-sized dents. First, pour some hot water over the dented area and then put the plunger to it. Push in and pull out as hard as possible and continue this process repeatedly until the dent has disappeared from sight.


Prepare The Windshield Wipers Ahead Of Time

Windshield wipers tend to stick to the windshield during especially frigid temperatures. Knowing how valuable the wipers come into play during winter driving, this can be disastrous. Avoid this scenario by placing socks over them to shield them from the harsh weather conditions.

It’s a good idea to just get used to keeping a pair of long socks in the glove compartment and take them out when necessary. An even better suggestion is to Put them on the windshield wipers overnight if a storm is headed in the nearby direction so you can skip the fuss when you wake up.


Pool Noodles Help Avoid Mini Garage Accidents

Garages aren’t always built with too much ample space on either side. That basically means that you’re never really fully aware of how much room is on the left or the right when you open up the door. You only find out how close you are to the wall once you park and you scratch the door.

To avoid those dreaded scratches or dings, just attach a pool noodle to either side of the garage. When it comes time to open the doors, the pool noodle will stop the door from hitting the cement siding, therefore cushioning the blow, and saving you a trip to the mechanic.


Potato Precipitation

Potatoes aren’t just a great source of starch for your diet; they can also help your car’s windshield when it comes to rough weather conditions. If you’re expecting cold weather or hard rain, get a potato ready.

Slice the potato in half and rub the cut end on any or all of your windows. The sugar inside the potato will actually stop ice from forming on the window and will prevent rain droplets from sticking as well. They should have taught this one in science class at school.


Say Goodbye To Frozen Mirrors

Scraping ice during the winter months can be super time-consuming. It can add a good portion of your travel time when you’re already in a rush to get out the door. Plus, not everyone remembers to wake up early to get those defrosters on.  For those that don’t own a remote control start vehicle, there’s a solution.

To entirely avoid icy sideview mirrors, the night before you suspect an overnight freeze, put a Ziploc bag over them. Secure the bags with either a rubber band or a piece of tape that won’t peel the paint. It’ll be near impossible for water and cold temperatures to seep through.

The Power of Toothpaste

Headlights need to be bright and visible so that drivers can see in the dark and when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Unfortunately, these extremely crucial lights can get dirty awfully quick, and it’s hard to even tell when that happens until you need them. 

Need an easy fix? Cover the headlights with toothpaste and let the substance sit for a little while to soak in. After about fifteen minutes, rinse it off. The tube of the toothpaste will help remove that unwanted fogginess, clearing up the road ahead.

Don’t Rush The Gas Fill Up

Everyone wants to be in and out of the gas station when they’re filling up their ride, which is certainly understandable. However, you may want to pay attention to this one because actually pumping your gas too quickly can end up being bad for the car.

Try to transition over to pumping your gas at half the normal speed that you’re used to. Also, don’t tense up on the grip of the handle when pressing down on it. If this method is nailed right, the end result will mean less air and more gas in the tank, and less trips to the pump.

Soak Up The Salt

Some locales in the winter months find themselves blanketed in snow. To make the roads more drivable, plows will inevitably drop salt, melting that white powder in the road. But do you know what else melts from exposure to salt? Your car’s bodywork.

While your ride may be able to handle the harsh winters, the salt can make it look less than stellar. Next time you need to drive through salty roads, mix some water and vinegar and spray it under your vehicle.The salt will wash away, and your car will not erode out from under you.

Cupcake Liners For Cup Holders

Just about anything and everything under the sun manages collect itself in your car, including dust, crumbs, and wrappers. The cup holders of the car end up seeing the worst of it. Due to their convenient location and are often filled with some sort of food, it’s rather difficult to try and keep these suckers clean. 

Good thing cupcake holders were invented. Instead of taking extra, unnecessary time to meticulously clean every morsel from those gunky and sticky cup holders every week, drop a paper cupcake liner in there and when it gets dirty, just replace it with a fresh one.

Hand Sanitizer Has Other Uses Too

It’s pretty likely that drivers have a bottle of hand sanitizer lying around the front seat, especially over the last few years. Aside for the bottle you may already have inside the car, make sure to keep some inside the house as well. This is particularly important when the temperatures dip below zero.

In super cold temperatures, it’s possible for the lock of your car door to become frozen and stuck. All that’s needed is a little drop of the gel on the tip of the key, and that bad boy will slide right into the lock in seconds. It’s the alcohol inside the sanitizer that actually breaks through the ice, making sure you’re not left out in the cold. 

Nail Polish Can Help Cracks On The Windshield

Rocks fly around on the highway more often than not, actually managing to crack windshields left and right.  Unfortunately, these small cracks can spread over time, becoming as large as the windshield itself, which can become quite dangerous to drive with. 

Need to buy some time before you end up deciding to repair that windshield? Just fill the crack in with some clear nail polish and allow it some ample drying time. This can keep some of that cracking at bay and it won’t have the ability to spread any further.


Car Mats Don’t Always Have To Be Store Bought

car mat

Car mats are super useful for keeping unnecessary and unwanted debris and particles off the car floor, like dirt, mud, food, and dust. The thing is, the car mats that come with the car upon purchase won’t last a lifetime, as much as you may want them too.

That usually means others will have to be bought at some point. Instead of paying an arm and a leg for new car mats, grab some carpet scraps that may be just lying around the house and cut out whatever shape is necessary to fit the car’s floor. Now you have some ready-to-use mats.

Falling Through The Cracks

Seeing something fall through the cracks of your car often brings forward the dreaded reality that that item may never be seen again. For example, change always disappears for years. Precious smartphones slip through and only tiny hands can salvage them out. 

To avoid having things fall in between these hard-to-reach places, purchase some noodles that you would use for the pool and wedge them in between those narrow gaps. If they’re too long, simply cut them down to the size that works for the vehicle. Say goodbye to lost items in your ride.

Compressed Air Is A Friend

compressed air

Compressed air is primarily associated with helping people clean their computer keyboards, but they’re good for much more than that. Over time, your car vents could be spitting out dust, making your ride a sneeze-fest. In comes compressed air to the rescue.

Grab the can and spray away until everything in eyesight is gone from the vents. While it’s out, be sure to clean whatever surrounding areas got dirty in the process. Then look into the vents and if it still needs some additional care, get the vacuum out.

Use A Coin To Check Tires

holding penny to tire

Yes, regular tire checks with a pressure gauge are highly recommended, especially before too much wear and tear is done to your tires. If you don’t have access to gauge, there’s a way to do it easily. It’s as easy as finding a quarter or penny and applying it to the treads of the tires.

Grab a coin, turn it so that the head is facing the ground, and place it between the tread of the tire. If the tread goes past the forehead, that means the tire is in good condition. If it does not go past it, then it’s time to replace those tires before things get serious. 

Baking Soda Removes Bad Odors

baking soda

As we’ve established, vehicles don’t keep the new car smell forever, and it’s inevitable for other more pungent odors to creep in eventually. Unfortunately, removing the fabric so you can clean and throw it in the washing machine is not a viable option.

Instead what you can do is use baking soda to get rid of some of those unwanted smells. Sprinkle the baking soda onto the cushions and let it sit for a few hours. When you’re all done, grab a vacuum and suck up the remaining powder lying that’s around.



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