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At Titan Auto Sales, we believe in keeping things simple.  So we offer one coverage level—The Best.

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When your auto manufacturer’s warranty is about to run out or has run out, you’re responsible for any mechanical breakdowns your vehicle incurs.
That can lead to thousands of dollars in auto repairs.  
compassVSC can shield you from those high costs with a vehicle protection plan that will pay the mechanic directly for parts and labor.

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At Titan Auto Sales, we believe in keeping things simple.
So we offer one coverage level—The Best.

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Purchasing an extended warranty for your vehicle can be a somewhat confusing process, but it doesn’t have to be. Every driver must ask themselves a few simple questions: What do you want covered? How long do you want coverage for? What is an appropriate price What additional benefits will I receive? Knowing what you are buying before you buy will allow you to make an informed decision and buy with confidence.

There are four basic extended warranty options: Power Train, Stated Component, Exclusionary, and WRAP.
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This policy will cover your basic components. These include the engine, transmission,
drive axle, transfer unit, seals & gaskets, supercharger/turbocharger, etc. These components are what keep your car running.

For example: If your cooling unit went out, it may make for an unbearably hot summer, but your car’s main components would continue to run. Meaning your vehicle would still be able to drive. However, if one of the components covered by a PowerTrain policy were to break down, the car would not be able to function properly. These parts listed for Powertrain are not only the most important, but also the most
expensive. This is why it is important to have them covered.

Stated Component

These policies consist of a very long list of parts and components and include everything previously listed in the PowerTrain plan but with a whole lot more added. Items listed in a Stated Component policy include: Everything previously stated, air conditioner, brakes, cooling system, electrical components, front & rear suspension, fuel system, steering, etc. 

As you can see, a Stated Component plan will cover your main components and then some. In fact, it covers a great deal of parts in your vehicle. This list of what is covered is truly pages long, and the mere paragraph does not do it full justice. But to sum it up as simply as possible: If it is listed on the policy’s list of covered parts, then it is covered.

Exclusionary Coverage

Exclusionary Coverage is considered the highest level of coverage available, the Exclusionary coverage combines both previous levels, PowerTrain and Stated Component, and then some. However, it works slightly differently than the levels that precede it. Instead of listing what is covered by an Exclusionary plan, it lists what isn’t covered. These are called exclusions, which is where the plan got its name. 

The reason that exclusionary coverage is prepared in such a manner is because it covers such a vast number of parts. To take the time and detail to list out each and every item that is covered would take an obscene amount of time and span for countless pages. So instead of taking all these pain-staking hours to list everything that this plan covers, if it isn’t listed in the list of “exclusions”, then it is covered. 


When you purchase a new vehicle from the dealer, the manufacturer places an original warranty on the vehicle. This warranty is usually broken up into two installments: bump-to-bumper and powertrain. The “bumper-to-bumper” part of your warranty is what covers your entire vehicle from main components such as the engine, transmission, and drive axle, to the lesser components such as your AC, fuel system, power locks and windows, etc. But after a limited time, this bumper-to-bumper coverage expires and your powertrain coverage kicks in. However, the power train coverage is exactly like the coverage we mentioned earlier in the article; it only covers major components such as the engine, transmission, transfer case, etc.

You can purchase WRAP coverage to supplement this powertrain protection which will protect the remaining components that the previous coverage left off. To put it simply, WRAP protection covers everything on your vehicle besides the power train components that are already covered by the manufacturer. 

Each of these types of auto protection are important in their own ways, as each one can protect your vehicle and your bank account from costly and unexpected repairs. But it is best to remember to purchase coverage from a respected and reputable company to ensure that claims are paid, customer needs are of the utmost importance, and that they are here to be in business for the long-run.

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Why buy a Vehicle Service Contract?

There are many good reasons to purchase a vehicle service contract.
The most common:

  • PROTECT YOUR BUDGET: The cost of automobile repairs have soared over the past few years. The technology in modern vehicles is expensive. Labor rates have also been on a steady climb as well. Unexpected auto repairs can break your budget and your savings. Many repairs cost thousands of dollars. Most people do not have those funds laying around for an unexpected repair. And no one wants to be without a car. A vehicle service contract will help pay for some of these unexpected repairs and keep your vehicle on the road. The cost of the coverage can be financed by your financial institution leaving you with just a small monthly payment increase for coverage.
  • PEACE OF MIND: Having a vehicle service contract can help give you peace of mind, knowing many of your future unexpected cost will be covered. Protecting your vehicle with a vehicle service contract can help you avoid the future stress of unexpected repair costs.
  • ADDED BENEFITS: In addition to the repair coverage, you also receive added benefits such as: Toll Free Roadside Assistance, Rental Benefits, Trip Interruption included with your coverage


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Frequently Asked Questions

What responsibilities do I have to keep the coverage active?

Our extended auto warranty plans are 100% insured by only A-Rated Insurance carrier’s with decades of experience in underwriting.

To keep your vehicle protection plan active, follow these best practices:

  • Read and understand your vehicle service contract to know what is covered and what can potentially void your plan.
  • Have your car serviced on time by scheduling routine maintenance checks.
  • Keep receipts and service records to assure that you have a paper trail of all your maintenance services if you ever need them.
Where can I go for repairs that are covered by my vehicle service contract?

Our extended auto warranty plans are 100% insured by only A-Rated Insurance carrier’s with decades of experience in underwriting.

Unlike most extended warranties, our auto protection plans are honored at any licensed repair facility anywhere in the nation. These facilities include dealerships, chain shops, or your local repair shop. You can also search the RepairPal.com for a Certified repair facility in your area.  

Or, simply call our Customer Care Team at 866-BUYVSC-0.

Are your plans insured?

Our extended auto warranty plans are 100% insured by only A-Rated Insurance carrier’s with decades of experience in underwriting.

Our extended auto warranty plans are 100% insured by only A-Rated Insurance carrier’s with decades of experience in underwriting.